NMGC's goals and ambitions for the future are focused on continuous improvement, sustainable growth, and expansion.


To realize these aspirations our management has developed the company with the  following guidelines:

  • Embrace core values that encompass integrity, ethics, and commitment, promoting a culture of value and trust.
  • Stress adherence to local laws, rules, and regulations and support our company’s quality, health, safety, and environmental policies.
  • Adopt a clear pragmatic vision for the future of our company.
  • Eliminate bureaucracy through a relaxed vertical communication policy.
  • Encourage horizontal communication to enhance cross-functional collaboration.
  • Promote an initiative /proactive approach throughout the company.
  • Reward employees as individuals and as teams to build confidence, and satisfaction and endorse teamwork.
  • Work with top-of-the-line, latest technology, well-maintained fleet, or equipment.
  • Hire only complete professionals and instate a generous training program.
  • Continue to provide the best possible quality of service.
  • Maintain the highest possible the best possible percentage of repeat clients and onboard employees.
  • Allocate adequate resources.
  • Promote close working relationships with clients and among employees.
  • Earn a reasonable profit to facilitate sustainability, progress, and growth.



Company Strategy