Our Policy.

Environmental Policy Statement.

We, Nazim Maintenance & General Contracting Company LLC, take pride and honor in declaring the company’s commitment to provide our professional contracting services throughout the region of the United Arab Emirates& abroad in line with our environment objectives and targets at all stages of our operations. We are committed to working towards our customers’ satisfaction and the continual improvement of the delivery of all our products and services. These are essential components of our business strategy and our compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 as well as Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi requirements.

We believe in the cooperation and participation from each member of our team; management and employees alike, in order to achieve excellence in all aspects of our endeavors. In order to achieve our objectives and maintain the principles of this policy, Nazim Maintenance & General Contracting Company LLC management and employees shall be committed to:

  • Accept care for the environment as being every individual’s responsibility
  • Maintaining healthy and productive work environment
  • Prevention of pollution at all sites of our operations
  • Determine and comply, as a minimum, with applicable legal and other requirements and obligations related to our environmental aspects in addition to the local municipal regulations
    Protect the environment from harm and degradation arising from our activities during operation
  • Encourage and enhance product recycling and address conditions related to waste, water and air quality
  • Measure and evaluate our environment performance through management review meetings
  • Contribute to the use of technological innovation within our industry sectors
  • Encourage proactive involvement through support, training, education and dialogue
  • Communicate this policy and ensure its awareness throughout the organization
  • Provide leadership, commitment and necessary resources required to maintain an effective Environment
  • Management system and its continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance·
  • Determine the context of the organization and planning systems to solve potential risks before the problem
  • Enhance the skills of our people through training, personnel motivation, fostering a professional work ethic atmosphere
  • Establish, implement and continually measure the achievement of our environment objectives and targets as well as our stated policy
  • Committed to strictly comply with the legal requirements

This Environment Policy Statement will be reviewed annually and enhanced as required to ensure continues suitability to the services we provide. This policy statement will be made available to external interested parties upon request as well as to the public.

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